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Round-Trip From ColdFusion to Okta using SAML and ColdFusion 2021

Posted by Andy Peterson
14 Dec 2020 07:52 PM

I feel as though when the Adobe ColdFusion 2021 planning committee called their first meeting to order, the number one item on their agenda was how to make a developer's life easier In addition to the AWS/Azure cloud configuration/integration capabilities I've posted about, I now have Okta integration to play with, via SAML. And with a few lines of code to handle authentication, I now have the ability to leverage SSO, MFA, and much more in my applications. 

Hello Cloud! Zero to Serverless CFML in 20 Minutes

Posted by Andy Peterson
13 Dec 2020 02:51 PM

When it comes to CFML serverless environments, I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of documentation but never have I come across a session that gets your cfml code working in the cloud this fast. 20 minutes into this 90 minute session by Paul Kukiel of Amazon Web Services and I'm watching my cfml run on AWS. Given this quick win, and despite having another 70 minutes of video to watch, I paused the session to take stock of what happened, and write a post about it. 

Adobe ColdFusion 2021 and Azure Blob, A Painless Configuration Experience

Posted by Andy Peterson
07 Dec 2020 08:24 AM

I just noticed that my last two blog posts refer to pain, or lack thereof. Here's a spoiler alert for ya - I prefer the latter. This post will show you how to painlessly upload and download a file to a Azure Blob cloud to/from a container that we also created by writing less than 30 lines CFML. Nice!

AWS S3 and ColdFusion 2021, Part 1: The Setup

Posted by Andy Peterson
04 Dec 2020 05:22 AM

This is another stars-aligned, providential moment whereby my organization is seeking to choose a cloud provider at the same time Adobe is stepping up to the plate with a new arsenal of tools to get me there faster. After watching another excellent Brian Klaas conference session, this time at CF Summit 2020, it was time to dive in. His advice to start your cloud journey by moving local assets to the cloud resounded in my ears, and so that is exactly what we will accomplish here. 

In this blog post, we will cover:

  • Setting up S3
  • Configuring S3 in the ColdFusion 2021 Administrator
  • Programmatically creating a bucket
  • Uploading and downloading a file from that bucket.