It seems to me that the foundation of a remote team (or any development team for that matter) is a solid CLI. By foundation I mean the platform for productivity tooling upon which all future development exists. For us, that foundation is CommandBox. Once you install CommandBox, your world opens up dramatically. You suddenly have access to every engine and every other tool/box under the sun needed for installing and deploying (and destroying) your custom environment at will. And because it is yours and yours alone, you can develop with reckless abandon. 

So my first task for my web team was to install CommandBox. I made the announcement that we were given a completely new project that would involve content management, custom programs and interfaces, administrative customizations, and a lot of unknowns along the way, and we were going to go about learning it together. My job was to stay one step ahead and try to work out all the kinks before handing off the semblance of a working tutorial, preserving as much leadership dignity as I could in the process. Fortunately, the tools and the docs provided by Ortus made the job easy.

The following steps should be clear enough for you as well. So if you also wish to modernize, feel free to follow along. The first step as I mentioned is to install CommandBox and create a new folder. Doing so is simple in that this is one of the first things the docs have you do. We created a folder called Charity. Charity is a new app that we were going to build that would provide information regarding a statewide initiative to give to various charities. The actual ability to donate would come later; for now we needed a content management system set up in an environment that allowed for MVC development. 

So again, the documentation for CommandBox is robust - pretty much perfect. I try to give back by fixing grammar in the docs, which, given that the docs are powered by GitBook, was all done through pull requests. In fact, if you've never done a pull request before, this is one of the simplest ways to get your feet wet. 

So again, the process for downloading and installing CommandBox can be found here. Here are a couple of tips I gave to my developers:

  1. Download CommandBox to a new folder called cb on your c:\ drive ( so c:\cb )
  2. Locate box.exe in this folder and create a shortcut to it on your desktop.
  3. Double click the Box.exe shortcut.


  1. Make the Charity Folder. From the CLI, type in mkdir Charity--cd  which will change the directory that CommandBox is focusing on for your next tasks.

  2. From the CLI, type start cfengine=adobe and send me a screen print of what your browser pulls up. Hopefully, you will see the Charity website running on your local.

The next four blog posts will discuss the following:

  • More amazing things about CommandBox and some tips and tricks that will help you understand it. 
  • How to install ContentBox to this folder and take a look at customizing it.
  • How VS Code's relationship with CFML and CommandBox make it a great programming IDE
  • How to use GitHub in a team environment and VS Code's integration with Git commands. 

Stay tuned - we're just getting started!